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Consumers of Girls Scout Season Cannabis Oil always come back for more. With our Girl Scout Cookie Cannabis Oil, little travels far. This is due to its thoughtful outlook and beneficial results.
It contains 1.99% CBD and 59.02% THC.
This outstanding strain has received numerous Cannabis Cup Awards.

Girl Scout goodies are a good option for patients who need significant relief from severe pain, nausea, and hunger. Therefore, we are here to assist anyone suffering from any of the ailments listed above or any other condition.

We also employ a very covert bundling and mailing technique. This will enable you to obtain your goods regardless of your location.

Regarding the Strains

Girls Scout Cookies is a half-breed that leans mostly toward indica with a strong sativa component (40:60, individually). This marijuana variety can produce high THC levels of up to 28%.

As a result, it is among the strongest strains that are available to users of medicinal marijuana.

The high from this strain is revolutionary, joyful, and euphoric and combines the best qualities of both Sativa and Indica. Additionally, it is replete with physical impacts from sofa bolts and feelings of dormancy.

Girls Scout Cookies smells very similar to its flavor, which is sweet and hearty.


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