Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil


1 Gram

Potency 85% THC 15% CBD

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RSO, also known as Rick Simpson Oil, is a cannabis oil with a full extract that can be ingested or used topically. A solvent is used to extract the cannabinoids in RSO, a marijuana extract. Grain alcohol is the most typical solvent utilized in the production of RSO, however ethanol or butane may also be employed on occasion. Alcohol is introduced to flower (bud) material in a sizable container. The mixture is thoroughly mixed and liquefied in the alcohol. The alcohol is eventually extracted from the leftover plant matter. The remaining alcohol is then evaporated by heating the mixture in a vessel, such as a rice cooker. High potency oil with a thick consistency is the final product, which is frequently dark in color.

RSO typically contains 600 mg of THC per syringe, but the exact amount depends on the underlying substance used. RSO can be manufactured from any strain, but traditionally it is made from indica plants that are strong in THC. The strains that were employed and the level of moisture in the plants themselves will determine the final outcomes. The oil’s color and consistency are also influenced by the strains that were employed. Some plants produce a fluid, light amber tint, while others produce a darker, thicker substance. To extract the most cannabinoids possible from a crop, other plant parts, such fan leaves, may occasionally be added to the mixture.


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